The creation of a pattern is a very important precursor to the cutting and sewing phase. The quality of the finished product depends heavily on the quality of the pattern. Cycle Fashion Pattern Inc. will coordinate and work with the designer, taking designs and transforming them into products that can satisfy both the designer and the consumer.

Following the demand and idea behind the designer’s sketches, or the template from the customer, we first create the pattern using draping, visualizing all the details from the lines and the sewing process. Then, we analyze the possible methods of crafting to styles and forms of expression from the first sample to the final model for mass production. Finally, we carefully consider all details of the clothing in order to make it comfortable to wear while emphasizing the beautiful effects and expressions of it.

After the muslin is completed, we will begin the fitting process. This is a very important process because this fitting will make sure overall size, detail, and dimensions fit comfortably on a person. Edits, corrections and additional changes will be made to the muslin if necessary in order to better fit a person. After all amendments have been made, the muslin will serve as a solid foundation for a satisfactory piece of clothing.

Should the client choose to, we also offer small lot production service, making us a one stop, full operation company.